Sports Attack

The Design

Our design began by identifying wheels as the most efficient ball throwing mechanism. Wheels can control ball spin, throw breaking pitches, provide accuracy, and deliver the much-needed speed. The true uniqueness to our machine is the use of a third wheel. The location of the three wheels visually opens the ball chute, allowing the hitter to see the ball through acceleration and release, providing complete vision and timing. By simply changing wheel speed, any breaking pitch could be instantly dialed in as the third wheel eliminated the need to pivot the throwing head when changing pitches. Accuracy, ball control and speed were also improved due to the increased amount of ball surface being captured. Additional benefits of the third wheel were a reduction of throwing wheel and ball wear.

Other important characteristics of the design were to incorporate safety features that kept the operator protected from moving parts. Ease of vertical and horizontal controls were also key for pitch location and fungo work. In addition, portability was a requirement, providing mobility on and off the field for ease of use, storage and transport.

Because of the features of the Hack Attack, major league coaches are now using a pitching machine not only all season in practices but also prior to games in warm-ups. They are frequently setting the machine to simulate the pitches their hitters will be facing that night. Even pinch hitters are hitting off of the machine just prior to being called up. With the validity of the timing element, even many coaches who avoided pitching machines all together in the past now include them as an important tool in their daily practice. Taking notice, teams at all levels are replacing existing machines with the new
Hack Attack.

For younger players and specific drills at all levels of competition, the Hack Attack was quickly followed by the Junior Hack Attack. It is equal in quality but designed for use at shorter distances. The Junior is perfect for use at home in backyard cages, little league practices, machine pitch games and travel ball.