Sports Attack Hack Attack Softball

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The Design

Our design began by identifying wheels as the most efficient ball throwing mechanism. Wheels can throw breaking pitches, provide accuracy, and deliver the much-needed speed. The true uniqueness to our machine is the use of a third wheel. The location of the three wheels visually opens the ball chute, allowing the hitter to see the ball through acceleration and release, providing complete vision and timing. By simply changing wheel speed, any breaking pitch could be instantly dialed in as the third wheel eliminated the need to pivot the throwing head when changing pitches. Accuracy and ball control were also improved due to the increased amount of ball surface being captured. Additional benefits of the third wheel were a reduction of throwing wheel and ball wear.

Other important characteristics of the design were to incorporate safety features that kept the operator protected from moving parts. Ease of vertical and horizontal controls were also key for pitch location and fungo work. In addition, portability was a requirement, providing mobility on and off the field and for storage.

Our three-wheel machine delivers every softball breaking pitch, from the raiser to right and left-handed drops. With the key features of portability, safety, vision and timing that are inherent in the design, the Softball Hack Attack quickly caught the attention of leading college and high school programs across the nation.

For younger players and specific drills at all levels of competition, the Hack Attack was quickly followed by the Junior Hack Attack in 2004. It is equal in quality and design and used to develop dedicated players into the all-star they want to be. The Junior is perfect for use at home in backyard cages, youth leagues games and travel ball.




Level of Play High school, college and commercial Youth league, backyard, machine-pitch games, travel teams, drills at all levels including high school and college
Pitches Fastballs, risers, drops, right- and left- handed screwballs Same as Hack Attack
Fungo Pivots instantly for pop-ups,


fly balls and grounders

Same as Hack Attack
Weight 135 lbs. 75 lbs.
Transportability Fits into any SUV or full size car, fits through standard doorway Fits into any compact car, including a Mini Cooper
Automatic Feeders
Can use either Solo Feeder (11 ball) or the Team Feeder(75 ball) Can use either Solo Feeder (11 ball) or the Team Feeder (75 ball)
Electrical Requirements 110V and 220/240V also available Same as Hack Attack
Ball Types All types, including leather – Not synthetic leather balls (see accessories) Same as Hack Attack
Ball Sizes Can be converted to baseball using conversion kit Can be converted to baseball using conversion kit and can also be converted to use 7.5″ vision training balls