Oversized Two-Piece Practice Mounds

Oversized Two-Piece Practice Mounds

  • $1,549.00
    Unit price per 

  • Limited 10 year warranty

  • Great for Bullpens

  • 2 Piece unit fits in the smallest of storage sheds

  • Dimensions 10"H  x 10’6”L x 5’W

  • Green, Clay, and Red turf color options

The Two Piece Turf Practice Portable Pitching Mound is perfect for batting practice, bullpens, athletic facilities, and gymnasiums. The full body, high performance poly protected resilient core construction gives pitchers a solid yet cushioned landing area reducing knee and ankle strain. The poly coating grips gymnasium floors without scratching. Practice mounds come with the most durable turf and is available in RED, Clay, and Green colors. Simulated rubbers last 10 times longer than industry standards. The two piece design allows easy moving and storage, less than 70 lbs. per section!